Get the Most Out Of Your Tires

May 23rd, 2015

Tires in Lafayette, LAAt Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Lafayette, LA, we sell a lot of tires and see a lot of customers. Your tires are a big investment, and are critical to your car’s safety and performance. Unfortunately for a lot of people, tires don’t even get a lot of thought until something goes wrong and they’re stuck by the side of the road with a flat (or worse).

Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your tire investment, courtesy of  Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Lafayette, LA:


  • Air pressure -- You’d be amazed at how many cars we see at Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Lafayette, LA that have low tire pressure. It’s estimated that up to 60 percent of cars on the road are driving around on underinflated tires. A tire that’s low on air has heightened rolling resistance (think about riding a bicycle with a low tire), meaning as much as a 10-20 percent reduction in fuel economy. Moreover, a low tire will handle poorly and overheat, leading to uneven tread wear and possible failure. An overinflated tire, on the other hand, will ride hard and wear unevenly in the center of the tread. It can be hard to spot a low tire, as the sidewalls of today’s tires won’t visibly distort until they’re drastically low on air. Get a good air gauge and check your tires’ inflation regularly --  since rubber compounds are porous, tires can lose as much as two pounds of pressure per month.

  • Rotations -- This is another big one. Regularly switching the positions of tires on the vehicle ensures even wear on all four tires and enhances ride quality, handling and drivability. Early in the tires’ service life, tire rotations should be performed every 3,000-5,000 miles; in other words, schedule a rotation with each oil change. Later on, it’s acceptable to perform a rotation every 8,000-10,000 miles. Tire rotations are not only crucial to the tires’ service life, but can affect wet-weather performance and resistance to hydroplaning. Tire rotation is a part of our comprehensive tire maintenance package at Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Lafayette, LA.

  • Front end alignment and suspension -- A vehicle that’s in need of front-end alignment will show uneven tire wear at the tires’ edges. Worn struts or other suspension problems can result in a “feathered” or serrated wear pattern, or can show “cupped” abnormal wear on the tread. Keep an eye out for these problems on your tires, as they indicate other issues. At Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Lafayette, LA, we have qualified wheel alignment techs who can check your car’s wheel alignment and get you on your way again.

  • Regular inspection -- When you get a chance, just give your tires a going-over. Keep an eye out for cuts, tears, debris, uneven wear patterns, bulges or other sidewall issues and anything that looks out of the ordinary. Run your hand over the tread and feel for irregularities. Any of those problems could mean a flat tire!

If you’re thinking it might be time for a rotation or any other tire maintenance or tire installation, give us a call for an appointment at Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Lafayette, LA. We’ll be happy to work you in, get you finished and get you on your way again!

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