January Tire Spotlight: Bridgestone Dueler H/L

January 27th, 2016

At Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service, we’re proud to carry the Bridgestone product line, and one of our biggest sellers has been the Dueler H/L from Bridgestone. It’s Bridgestone Dueler in Lafayette LAa great choice for drivers of light trucks, crossovers and SUVs who are looking for a premium all-season tire. It’s a tire that offers great ride, handling and road manners with low noise and great traction on wet or slippery pavement.

The Dueler line makes use of Bridgestone’s UNI-T technology, a package of innovations that includes:

·         Computer-aided design for better road contact, smoother and quieter ride

·         Long-link carbon black in the tread formulation, re-engineered at the molecular level for long wear and wet-weather performance

·         O-Bead II, an improved bead design that ensures a rounder tire and better straight-line stability

·         Advanced tread compound for better traction and control even as the tire wears down

The Dueler H/L is molded into a symmetric tread pattern for low noise and ride comfort. A continuous center rib and large blocks at the shoulders help with steering response and highway stability. In wet weather, the wide circumferential grooves, sipes and lateral notches enhance traction. Internally, the Dueler H/L features twin steel belts and a spiral-wound layer for support and stability under the tread area, with polyester cords to stabilize the sidewalls and improve ride quality.

The Dueler H/L represents some of the best technology and innovations that Bridgestone has to offer – it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular choice for so many drivers. If you’re thinking it’s time for a set of great all-season tires for your light truck, SUV or crossover, give us a call and make an appointment at Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service and let’s see what kind of price we can make you on a set of Bridgestone Dueler H/L tires!



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