Why Everyone Needs to Find a Mechanic They Trust

July 22nd, 2015
Auto Repair in Baton Rouge, LAOver the years, thanks to shady operators, auto repair shops have gotten a reputation for being a racket. Especially for people who aren’t especially knowledgeable when it comes to cars, finding an auto repair shop you can truly trust can be frustrating and intimidating. 
At Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service, we feel it’s important to establish a good relationship between auto shop and customer for several different reasons. We become familiar not only with our customers, but with their vehicles – we remember vehicles that have come through our shop from one time to the next, and we get to a point where we can anticipate maintenance or repair issues that might be coming and let owners know. We get familiar with minor quirks or glitches a car might have, and learn the difference between those glitches and major problems. Most importantly, though, we enjoy building a relationship with customers as people, and we put a high premium on the trust that goes along with that relationship. 
If you’re looking for a reputable auto repair shop, here are some guidelines for you to think about: 
  • Look for certifications from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or AAA – at Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service, we employ ASE-certified technicians.
  • Find out what kind of replacement parts are being used. Parts should be original equipment (OEM) quality
  • Ask about the shop’s equipment. A good shop should have the latest in specialized tools and diagnostic equipment; don’t trust an auto repair shop that says they “don’t need” diagnostic gear to track down problems.
  • Ask for detailed, itemized breakdowns of all repair work or recommendations, and never pay for any work you didn’t personally authorize.
  • Be skeptical of scare tactics, i.e. “I wouldn’t drive this car around the block.”
  • Make sure the shop has enough respect for your vehicle to always use disposable seat covers, steering wheel covers and floor mats.
  • Follow your gut – if you see a shop with a half-dozen cars that look like they’ve been sitting half-fixed for a while, or with dirty, poorly-lit, trash-strewn service bays, surly staff or indifferent service advisors, go elsewhere.
  • Get word-of-mouth recommendations. Talk to friends and family and get recommendations from them on reputable repair shops, and take advantage of digital word-of-mouth systems like Yelp and Angie’s List. 
And after all that…we hope that you’ll come to Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Baton Rouge, LA for your auto repair and tires needs. Schedule an appointment today! Remember oil changes and other routine services will protect the life and performance of your vehicle! 
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