• Air Filters in New Iberia, LA

    Your car’s engine needs three things to be able to run properly: air, spark and fuel. The engine pulls in air through the throttle, where it mixes with fuel; that atomized mixture then makes its way to the cylinders, where it’s ignited by the spark plugs to provide power. 

  • Batteries in New Iberia, LA

    The battery is one of those things that we often tend to forget about as long as everything is working fine…until the day that we get in the car, turn the ignition switch and hear the engine turn over too slowly to start (or even worse, the discouraging “click…click…click” that means you’re not going anywhere). 

  • Belts & Hoses in New Iberia, LA

    The serpentine belt saves space underhood, since older multiple-belt setups all had to have the belts offset from each other slightly, and puts less parasitic drag on the engine for more efficiency. 

  • Brake Repair in New Iberia, LA

    The average driver in the United States puts between 12-15,000 miles a year on a vehicle. If you were to put a tally counter on the brake pedal, that would come to about 75,000 applications of the brakes over that years time! 

  • Cooling System Maintenance in New Iberia, LA

    Your car’s radiator is designed as a heat sink. The water pump circulates coolant through internal passages in the engine, driving it back through the radiator and heater core in a closed loop. 

  • Driveline Repair in New Iberia, LA

    Your vehicle couldn’t get anywhere if there wasn’t a way to deliver torque from the engine and transmission to the road…and that’s where your driveline comes in. Like anything else on a car, driveline components are subject to wear and damage and may require maintenance or repair at some point. 

  • Electrical System Repair in New Iberia, LA

    Today’s cars have electrical systems that are more complex than ever. It’s much more than the basics of ignition, headlights, starter and power accessories – today’s cars have wireless sub-networks for various systems, processors, controls, switches, relays, the engine’s control computer and of course the radio, GPS and many power accessories.

  • Engine Diagnostics in New Iberia, LA

    Since the early 80s, vehicles have been equipped with electronic engine control systems that govern spark, fuel mixture, timing, emissions and other engine functions. 

  • Fluids in New Iberia, LA

    Every vehicle relies on several fluids to be able to run. Things like engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant and power steering fluid are essential to every car, and it’s important that they be clean and filled to the appropriate level. 

  • Steering & Suspension Repair in New Iberia, LA

    Your car’s steering and suspension are crucial to the vehicle’s safety. The suspension provides control and a smooth ride, and prevents undercarriage parts from making contact with the road.

  • Tire Balancing in New Iberia, LA

    Nobody likes driving a vehicle with a wheel that’s out of balance. All it takes is about 1/8 of an ounce of uneven weight distribution to set up a vibration, especially considering that a wheel is spinning at over 800 rpms when the car is doing 70 mph.

  • Flat Tire Repair in New Iberia, LA

    Nothing will shut you down quicker than a flat tire. You’re driving along, having a perfectly nice day and thinking about what you’re going to do when you get where you’re going, and suddenly you hear the “flap flap flap flap” that means a tire just failed.

  • Tire Rotation in New Iberia, LA

    Since the weight of the engine sits over the front wheels, no vehicle has 50/50 weight distribution from front to rear. In addition, the front tires are subject to a different set of forces due to cornering stresses and the fact that momentum shifts a vehicle’s weight forward while braking. 

  • Transmission Fluid Flush in New Iberia, LA

    A thorough flush removes varnish buildups and other deposits from the unit. Flushes are superior to just changing the fluid, which can leave a great deal of the old fluid still in the unit, especially in the torque converter.

  • Automotive Tune Up in New Iberia, LA

    Today’s vehicles aren’t as maintenance-intensive as they were a generation ago, but that doesn’t mean that they need zero maintenance. A tune-up on a modern vehicle should still be performed at regular intervals for top performance and fuel economy.