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The Jambalaya of Car Care

Situated between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Gonzales, Louisiana, is known as the “Jambalaya Capital of the World.” In fact, it is home of the annual Jambalaya Festival which was first held in 1968. Ironically, this is the same year Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service opened the first location. And the similarities don’t stop there. Jambalaya is a complete dish–meat, vegetables, and rice in a single pot. That’s not unlike Chabill’s. Located at 314 W. Highway 30 about a mile straight off Interstate 10, Chabill’s is a complete, one-stop-shop for routine auto maintenance, mechanical repairs, and tires. We serve up quite a few sides of customer convenience, as well. When you’re hungry for a complete car care visit, give Chabill’s a try. We feel sure you’ll go away feeling quite satisfied.

Any Service for Any Make or Model

Perhaps you think you need to go to the dealership for your sportscar and a local shop for your sedan. What a hassle, particularly if yours is a multi-car household! This notion is simply not true. You can get exceptional service and repair for any make or model at Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service. Should you encounter a mechanical problem, we make a full slate of repairs ranging from replacing an AC hose to a head gasket. Prevent some of those problems by allowing us to perform routine services such as fluid checks and filter changes. We also sell and service tires (Uniroyal, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, and Michelin).

Tip: If your car has an unpleasant smell (much like that of a big, wet dog) when you turn on the air conditioner, bring it in for service to be sure you don’t have mold growth in the system.

Our First Priority

You’ve probably gathered by now that we’re pretty serious about vehicle service and repairs. As important as these are, however, our first priority will always be you. We back this up with our Customer Bill of Rights, the pledge of every employee to provide exceptional work for your car and client care for you. We strive to make your experience great even when your car has “called it quits” on you. Free shuttle service, regular status updates, and after-hours drop-off, all lessen the impact of an ailing auto. We help out commercial drivers, too, by offering roadside assistance. And best of all, every new set of tires comes standard with Charley’s Dozen. This group of 12 services includes TPMS reset, free rotating and balancing, and complimentary air pressure checks for the life of the tires. When you bring your vehicle to Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service in Gonzales, Louisiana, you’ll truly understand that you are our first priority.

Automotive Services

Quality Automotive Services For Your Vehicle’s Well-Being

Ensuring the longevity of your vehicle is essential, which is why prioritizing your vehicle’s maintenance and completing timely repairs is critical. Regarding maintaining your vehicle’s performance and reliability, trust the experts at Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service. Chabill’s is your one-stop automotive partner providing expertise in a wide range of automotive services to keep your car safely on the road.

Brake Service: Braking issues should be noticed, as they present a significant safety hazard on the road. Chabill’s has skilled automotive repair technicians who specialize in all brake repairs, verifying that your vehicle’s braking system is operating as it should to provide you with peace of mind on the road.

A/C Repair: It’s hard to stay comfortable during Louisiana’s scorching summers without reliable A/C in your vehicle. Trust your car’s air conditioning repairs to the experts at Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service. Our specially trained A/C technicians will diagnose and resolve any issues with your car’s air conditioning system, allowing your summer drives to be cool.

Wheel Alignment: Your vehicle’s wheel alignment plays a vital role in your car’s overall performance and minimizing tread wear on your tires. If you’ve noticed your vehicle pulling to one side, your steering wheel not returning to center or uneven tire tread wear, it is time to check the alignment. Chabill’s uses the latest vehicle alignment technology to ensure proper wheel alignment and reduce unnecessary wear on your vehicle’s components.

Shocks and Struts: Improve the quality of your driving experience, and ensure excellent suspension performance with our dedicated shocks and struts services. With meticulous attention to detail, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s shocks and struts components. Identifying any signs of wear or damage, we will recommend the most suitable course of action. Whether it’s repair or replacement, we utilize high-quality parts and advanced techniques to restore your vehicle’s suspension to its prime condition.

Fluid Flushes: Ensuring timely maintenance of your vehicle’s critical systems is essential. Regular fluid flushes play a crucial role in achieving safety and performance. At Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service, our team of knowledgeable technicians is here to provide expert fluid flush services, ensuring that your vehicle operates at its best. We offer a comprehensive range of fluid flushes tailored to your specific needs. Our services include expert coolant flushes, transmission fluid exchange and power-steering fluid exchange. By removing old, degraded fluids and replacing them with fresh, high-quality fluids, we optimize the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

At Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service, we are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction. We are proud to be a trusted supporter of the automotive service industry, and we invite you to experience the difference firsthand. Visit us today to discover why countless customers trust Chabill’s for all of their automotive needs.

About Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service in Gonzales, Louisiana

Welcome to Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service in Gonzales, Louisiana: your premier location for everything automotive care! With our dedicated team of experienced and certified technicians and a commitment to providing quality service, we are here to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and that you are completely satisfied.

Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service in Gonzales understands the importance of your vehicle and the value it provides to you. We take great satisfaction in delivering high-quality services to help you optimize its performance, durability and overall longevity. Whether your vehicle needs brake maintenance, A/C repairs, wheel alignment, shock and strut services, or fluid flushes, you can be assured that our experienced team has the expertise to meet your automotive needs with care and attention to detail.

In addition to Chabill’s outstanding automotive services, we prioritize creating a remarkable customer experience. We believe in open and honest communication, fostering trust, and building strong connections with our valued customers.

When you choose Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service in Gonzales, you can count on receiving the utmost care and attention. The dedicated team at Chabill’s goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction, always striving to exceed your automotive service expectations.

Schedule an appointment today, and discover the difference with Chabill’s Tire and Auto Service. The team at Chabill’s is always excited to serve you and provide outstanding automotive care that surpasses your expectation.