Auto Repair in Houma, LA

The Stars at Hollywood - Chabill’s Tire & Auto Service

Hollywood Stars

Transportation is the second largest investment for most families, after your home ranking first. It's understandable that car owners want the "star treatment" for their vehicles. Interestingly, Houma, Louisiana, happens to be the childhood home of at least 6 nationally acclaimed music and/or acting performers, 11 professional athletes, and 13 elected officials/politicians. While this is impressive, these individuals may not be handy at helping you with your ride. The "stars" at Chabill's Tire & Auto Service, however, are highly qualified to assist you with all your routine maintenance, repair, and tire needs. Located at 106 S. Hollywood Road between Martin Luther King Blvd./W. Tunnel Blvd. and 24/W. Park Ave., our shop may not be the Hollywood seen on the big screen, but we're ready to roll out the red carpet for you just as we’ve done since 1968.

Professional Service and Repairs

For professional service and repair for your vehicle, bring your auto to Chabill's Tire & Auto Service. Our certified technicians are familiar with all makes and models, so we offer a full range of preventive maintenance services for every car. We're also qualified to take care of all your mechanical repair needs, ranging from wheel alignment to radiator replacement. If your ride needs tires or tire care, we do that too, carrying multiple major brands (BFGoodrich, Michelin, Goodyear, and Uniroyal).

Tip: If your check engine dashboard light is illuminated, have us properly diagnose it to obtain a trouble code. The check engine warning can be caused by many things, including a loose gas cap, a bad oxygen sensor, an ailing exhaust system, etc. Your auto will not pass emissions inspection until the problem is addressed.

You are the Star

At Chabill's Tire & Auto Service in Houma, Louisiana, (Hollywood location), we believe you are the star--not because you're famous (although we welcome you if you are), but because we understand that our focus should be on you. We outline this promise to you in our Customer Bill of Rights. Further, we give you the "star treatment" while your car is in our shop, offering you free shuttle service, after-hours drop off, and timely status updates. If your Hollywood limousine looks more like an 18-wheeler or a dump truck, no worries. We're available for roadside assistance. And you really know you're a Hollywood "A-lister" when you receive your Charley's Dozen. It may not be an Oscar, but it is pretty special. When you buy any new set of tires, we cover you with 12 service points, including standard valve stem replacement, free rotating and balancing, and TPMS reset. Therefore, you shine brightest after a visit to our shop where we treat you like a real star.